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Email: info@bodimasta.com.au
Phone:  (08) 9304 0242  
 0411 83 88 00
ABN: 97 107 777 613

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Zoe.Whitecross@bodimasta.com.au Marie.Vu@bodimasta.com.au
Sue.Tieu@bodimasta.com.au Madison.Mingh@bodimasta.com.au
Jodie.Thong@bodimasta.com.au Jill.Penney@bodimasta.com.au
Nick.Nzuyen@bodimasta.com.au Marie.Vu@bodimasta.com.au
Edel.Fabiola@bodimasta.com.au Jimmie.Woods@bodimasta.com.au

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Bodimasta have supplied our merchandise needs for a number of years. We have always found them to be...

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